Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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What can I sell?

As a MyClassroom2Yours seller, you can post anything purchased with your own money. You may NOT resell anything that has been purchased for you through your school district or any other organization. In addition, please know that the reselling of any designs, clip arts, or fonts without proper recognition is copyright infringement. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more specific guidelines.

What happens if I get an item that is broken or damaged?

Before purchasing, be sure to carefully review our Terms and Conditions for Buyers AND sellers as this will provide you with a  detailed explanation of our policy. In short, you may return an item if (and only if) it was never delivered, it was received damaged or the item was not as described by the seller. If you wish to return an item, you must fill out a Return Ticket

I make my own teaching materials. Can I sell these?

Absolutely! If you create your own resources, products, mugs, notepads, centers etc., you can sell them on My Classroom 2 Yours. We encourage you to ensure that you have adequate rights for all graphics and fonts used in the product that have been purchased from an outside source. Failure to do so is copyright infringement and can result in further investigation. Once you confirm you have permission we suggest that you include acknowledgments in your product description.

How do I contact you regarding a question about the website?

You can contact us with any website issues or technical problems at Any other general questions about My Classroom 2 Yours can be submitted to

How can I communicate with a buyer to ask questions about a product?

First, click on the product of interest. Next, on the bottom right hand side of the page will be a box with information on the seller. This will show you the name of the seller and will allow you to click a link that says “Message Me”.

How do I change the main picture that shows up for my product?

The image that shows on listing pages and as the default product image can be controlled from the "Edit Product" page. Under “Product Images” click on the picture you’d like to be the base picture. A new window will pop up. Under "Role" select "Base, Small, and Thumbnail." 

Do I have to have a PaylPal account to be a seller?

Yes! In order for us to pay you for your sales, PayPal is required! It is a free and easy to use website.

How do I login to my account from my phone?

Select the menu button (3 horizontal bars) on the top left hand side of the page. A pink box will open. At the top of this box, click ACCOUNT then SIGN IN.

How is my personal banking information being protected?

All transactions on MyClassroom2Yours meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. Traffic in and out of this site is protected by SSL Certificate. All payments are processed using third-party payment gateways (Braintree and PayPal). We do not gather or retain any personal banking information on our servers, all this data is directly processed by our payment gateway providers.

What fees are charged for selling products?

MyClassroom2Yours charges a flat 12.5% fee for sales by sellers. Additional transaction fees for payouts apply. These are set by PayPal and are fixed at 2% with a cap of $1.

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